How fun is the OhioRAAM Show?

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Super fun.

Lee Kreider is the producer of the Ohio RAAM Show, a neat organization that was born from Lee's participation in the Time Station staffing with fellow cycling enthusiasts in Ohio. As RAAM grew in size and popularity, Lee & his friends started to expand their project, creating a community of cyclists, crew members, officials and fans. With that came the Ohio RAAM Show, where Lee, Maria and Chuck meet with RAAM & RAW participants to dig deeper into their stories: who they are, why they are doing this and what charity they are supporting.

Sandy & Craig recorded sessions for the Ohio RAAM Show in 2015 and 2016 (take a listen - it's a blast from the past!). Even with Cycling for Autism's plans getting changed around for this year, Lee was willing to squeeze us in. Sandy was an old hat at using Google Hangouts for the interview... I had a steeper learning curve. But how fun are Lee and Maria! We had lots of laughs, and their enthusiasm for the sport was catching - my nerves were put very quickly at ease.

In particular, Maria's excitement for a two-person women's relay team was genuine. It turns out Maria is quite the accomplished bad ass, and she obviously appreciates women in ultra-endurance events. She also is the new owner & director of Calvin's Challenge, a 6-, 12- and 24-Hour Cycling Event outside of Dayton, Ohio. I look forward to meeting her then.

It was wonderful to meet her as well as Lee. In particular because Sandy was also Dr. Taylor at the time of the interview - an emergency was coming into the hospital and she needed to keep an eye on her pager. So much thanks to the Ohio RAAM Show for penciling us in around their schedules & Dr. Taylor's patients. Our little portion on the OhioRAAM Show will air on May 27th.. so that's plenty of time for you to check out their website and listen in on other RAAM and RAW riders and teams participating this year.