Day 5: The final straw

This will be short. Unfortunately after a tremendous effort over the Rockies when we hit the plains the lack of a true tail wind and sometimes faced with head wind it became increasingly clear that the pace required to catch up to the cut off mark for the race was getting out of reach. Sandy and Craig made the very difficult decision to stop the ride. There were a lot of factors that went into the decision and it was not easy for anyone on the team and especially Sandy and Craig. So as a final note in this blog I would add that this was truly an inspirational effort by two determined cyclists. We all hope that they consider attempting this again. It is not called the “worlds toughest bicycle race” for nothing. They made it to almost half way through some of the harshest terrain and conditions expected. Some have said it is not the destination but the journey. This is true, and this was an amazing journey. Who knows, perhaps it is the beginning of an even bigger journey in the future.